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Dine-In & Carryout Mediterranean Food Menus

FATAYER (PIES) ----- $2.99 ea

Homemade individual dough pocket filled with a variety of flavors as follows:

Cheese, Spinach, Spinach & Cheese, Veggie Melt, Meat Pie (Beef w/yogurt), Sfiha (Beef w/cheese & veggies), Chicken with sumac, Spanakopita

DIPS ----- $6.49/lb

Original garlic Hommus $4.49 /lb
Flavored Hommus $6.95 / Lb

Roasted Red Pepper Hommus, Cajun Hommus, Jalapeno, Cilantro Hommus, Chipotle Hommus, Baba Ghanooj, Garlic Sauce

MINI BREADS ----- $2.99 ea

Feta Bread, Foccacia Bread, Zataar (Oregano) Bread

SALADS ----- $6.99/lb

Fatoosh (Cucumber), Fava Bean, Feta Pasta, Lentil, Carrot, Olive Pasta, Olive Salad, Shamandar (beet salad), Syrian Potato Salad, Tabooli (Parsley), Vegetable Tahini, Yogurt, Cucumber

DESSERTS ----- $3.99/ea

Chocolate Baklava, Almond Baklava, Apple Baklava, Walnut Baklava, Sweet Cheese Kunafa

PITA ----- $2.29 ea

White or wheat:
Flat Bread
Pita Chips: $4.49/bag (5 flavors)

SANDWICHES ----- $7.95 ea

Falafel, Tawook (chicken), Kafta (beef), Gyro, Lamb Shawarma , Chicken Shawarma

OFF THE GRILL ----- $3.99 ea

Shish Tawook skewer, Shish Kafta skewer

RICE DISHES ----- $6.99/lb

Chicken Vegetable Rice, Mejadra (rice w/lentils) / Spinach Rice, Couscous w/veggies
Hashweh Rice w/Gr. beef- $6.95/lb
Vegetable Rice, Mediterranean White Rice, Maklooba w/Lamb (upside down rice), Lamb Biryani

SOUPS ----- $5.95/lb

Lentil, Orzo (Libyan), Veggie soup

ENTREES ----- $6.95/lb

Tajeen (eggplant), Lubia (green beans), Zahra (cauliflower), Grape Leaves (meat or veggie) $9.99/lb, Dajjaj (chicken & veggies) $7.49/lb, Kibby $3.95 ea, Falafil patties $1.79 ea , Malfoof (cabbage rolls)


One sandwich & two sides OR Any four sides - Limit 1 Protein (Chicken, beef, Lamb)

Starts at $11.95

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Mediterranean Food Catering Menu

Tabooli or Fatoosh


Shish Tawook, Shish Kafta, or Kibby

Grape Leaves (meat or veggie)

White Rice w/noodles

Fatayer (pies) meat, spinach or cheese

Vegetables w/Hommus

Baklava Etc.

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